Microsoft Dynamics 365

The new era of AI-powered business. Adapt and innovate with intelligent CRM and ERP business applications.

Shape the future of your business

Connect your teams, processes, and data across your entire org to create exceptional customer experiences and operational agility.
Put AI to work
Be more efficient with Dynamics 365 Copilot—built-in AI-powered experiences available for enterprise licenses at no additional cost.
Bring data together
Get a complete picture of your entire business by connecting and accessing organizational data from hundreds of sources.
Increase productivity
Collaborate and be more productive by sharing information and insights in the tools you work in—including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.
Adapt to what’s next
Quickly modify processes to respond to changing needs by bringing the low-code tools of Microsoft Power Platform together with Dynamics 365.
Nova Corp leverages the gold partnership it has with Microsoft to be able to bring home a one-stop shop for all your Microsoft needs with the flex and commanding presence the world’s largest operating system platform.