Cloud Solutions
Nova Corp delivers top-tier cloud IT solutions, featuring secure hosting, scalable infrastructure, and 24/7 support. Elevate your business with our streamlined, data-optimized services.
Nova Corp leverages the gold partnership it has with Microsoft to be able to bring home a one-stop shop for all your Microsoft needs with the flex and commanding presence the world’s largest operating system platform.

Microsoft Office 365
The Gold Office
Enjoy the full features attached to Microsoft Office for your home and office needs. Be it a wordy document, tracking performance that excels on a spreadsheet, preparing a presentation powerfully to the point or a general lookout for your emails, we have it covered. Never worry about expiring licenses or fake products, but please excuse the puns used.

Flexibility: Microsoft 365 Office Cloud offers anywhere, anytime access to your documents, enabling remote work and collaboration.

Scalability: Easily scale your subscription to accommodate your growing business needs without the hassle of hardware upgrades.

Cost-Efficiency: Reduce IT costs with automatic updates, eliminating the need for on-premises maintenance and support.

Security: Benefit from Microsoft's robust security measures, including data encryption and threat protection, to safeguard your sensitive information.

Collaboration: Enhance teamwork with real-time co-authoring, video conferencing, and shared calendars, fostering productivity and seamless collaboration among your team members.

Microsoft Outlook
The Gold Email
Move your SME, startup or enterprise to the Gold benchmark by doing away with a generic email address and adopting an email address that stamps legitimacy on who and what you are.
Perhaps you already do have an email which you’re happy with, but your monthly cost doesn’t reflect with the server space and other ancillaries you receive. No matter. Switch it seamlessly to a Microsoft account where you get 50gb of space a host of other facilities.

Efficient Email Management: Microsoft Outlook offers a user-friendly interface and powerful organizational tools, making it easy to manage and prioritize your emails.

Integrated Calendar: Outlook seamlessly integrates with your calendar, allowing you to schedule appointments, set reminders, and manage your time effectively.

Task Management: It provides a built-in task manager, helping you track and prioritize your to-do lists and deadlines.

Contact Management: Outlook's contact management system keeps your address book organized and readily accessible, making it simple to connect with colleagues and clients.

Security and Connectivity: Outlook boasts robust security features, including spam filtering and encryption, while also offering easy integration with other Microsoft Office applications, facilitating a cohesive work environment.

Microsoft Azure
The Gold Cloud
Analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking and many other features can be now hosted on non-physical servers thanks to Microsoft Azure. You have freedom to move compute resources as you please as it supports almost every operating system, language, tool or framework. 99.95% reliable with data stored in geo-synchronous data centres around the world where you only need to pay for the storage you use. Robust enough to support any ERP system, Azure is a fast, flexible and affordable cloud platform with the might of Nova Corp supporting it for all troubleshooting needs.

Scalability: Microsoft Azure allows businesses to easily scale their infrastructure up or down based on demand, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Global Reach: With data centers in regions worldwide, Azure provides a global network that ensures low-latency access to services, making it suitable for international businesses.

Security: Azure offers robust security features, including identity and access management, encryption, and compliance certifications, helping protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Hybrid Capabilities: It supports hybrid cloud solutions, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud services for greater versatility.

Innovation: Azure provides a wide range of services, including AI, machine learning, IoT, and analytics, enabling businesses to innovate and stay competitive in the digital age.
Microsoft Sharepoint
The Gold Network
Connect, inform and manage content across your company with Microsoft Sharepoint, a place where you can host your team’s intranet. Supremely portable with only a browser needed to access data, track projects, share resources or a communications site to broadcast news to a wider audience. Collaborate securely with people both inside and outside your organization.

Collaboration: SharePoint facilitates seamless collaboration by allowing teams to share and co-author documents in real-time, improving productivity and teamwork.

Document Management: It offers robust document management capabilities, including version control, metadata tagging, and content organization, making it easier to find and manage files.

Customization: SharePoint can be customized to match your organization's specific needs, from building intranet portals to creating custom workflows, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Security: SharePoint provides advanced security features such as access controls, encryption, and compliance tools to protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Integration: It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps and third-party tools, enhancing its versatility and enabling a unified digital workspace for your organization.